Relevant Coursework

Survey Research Methods

This course taught me about basic research principles. I learned how to properly conduct research while working with the Auburn Area Community Theater. My final report can be found in my portfolio.

Public Relations Campaigns

This course showed me how to plan and organize a public relations campaign. I assised in designing an event for Campus Brand Ambassadors, a start up marketing company in Auburn, Ala. My final project can be found in my portfolio.

Style and Design in Public Relations

This is a capstone class in which I learned to use Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and HTML 5 to create a digital resume and portfolio. I also created an interactive PDF and wrote weekly articles for Auburn Family, The Corner News and Extension Daily.

Constitutional Law: Civil Liberties

This course gave me experience in reading and briefing Supreme Court cases. I was able to learn some of the most important Supreme Court cases of our nation's history as well as review and analyze current cases on the Supreme Court docket dealing with civil liberties.

Women in Politics

This class gave students a detailed look at the role of women in the political sphere. I was required to develop a thesis on an issue that faces women women in politics today, write a research paper and give a 30 minute oral presentation to my class at the end of the semester.

Mock Trial Competition Class

This course taught students how to navigate a court room. We were given a case by the American Mock Trial Association and were required to develop a prosecution and a defense. This class gave me an introduction to court room jargon and increased my confidence in public speaking.